Harsh Beniwal : Journey From a Teenager to a Social Media Icon

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Social Media has since recent years been a place of Upcoming YouTubers and Viners. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have been the topmost platforms for people to showcase their talents. One such YouTuber and viner is Harsh Beniwal and here I am from TechnoSeekers to detail more about Harsh Beniwal and tell you some knowing yet unknowing facts. So let’s begin.

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Harsh Beniwal is the famous Viner and an actor. Born on 13th February, 1996 in Delhi, Harsh is the famous Youtuber who started his YouTube career in 2015.

Harsh Beniwal gained a lot of popularity through his YouTube channel which gained a lot of subscribers, likes and shares in a very lesser amount of time.

Personal Background and Education:

Harsh Beniwal was born on 13 February, 1996 in Delhi,India . He completed his higher education from Maharaja Agrasen Model School in Pitampura, Delhi.  He started his college at Shri Aurobindo College in the field of Bachelors of Computer Applications (B.C.A.). Harsh is currently unmarried and is Sikhism by religion.

According to Sources, He is 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs 65kg.

Harsh is an active social media user and his videos are prominently famous for his comedy. A normal teenager when he started became a youth icon with passing years with a huge fan base. He is a true dog lover and wants to do something for them in future. Harsh Beniwal feels that dogs or any other animals must be treated with equal care as humans.

Image Source : Facebook

Since childhood, Harsh had a passion towards theatre and acting. To make up to what he is now, Harsh began his career by participating in different stage productions. Continuous strength and determination has turned his online career successful.

Harsh Beniwal also joined a dance society to give flame to his passion. Right from the point where one has to choose a career, Harsh decided to follow his dreams. So, On completion of his education, Harsh decided to go in the field of entertainment.

Soon Harsh started using Dubmash and tried many other things over social media. In the wake of trying too many things, Harsh Beniwal emerged as one of the best viners known to all.

From his Instagram pictures, one may reveal that he is a gym freak and a total foodie too.

 Online Career and Success:

With the success of his Dubmash videos, Harsh Beniwal became popular to a great extent. However he did not got much great opportunity. During this period of his life, he came to know about the YouTube content videos.

Harsh Beniwal started his online career of YouTube Marketing in 2015 and came out as a remarkable Youtuber. His videos have got million views with a lot of likes and comments. In a competition with many young Youtubers he made his special place among the audience.

Harsh Beniwal has over 1.3 million followers over social media platform, Instagram and is known to be the fastest growing Youtuber.

His videos became extremely popular and audiences’ expectations from him increased. Listening to his audiences, Harsh made full use of the opportunity and followed this a series of hit videos that gave rise to the social media icon. Harsh Beniwal has always been attracted to out of the box profession and paved his success beautifully.

In his journey, he has faced many challenges and his success was not an easy job, but his all long hard work and determination has made him what he is today.

YouTube Channels:

1. Harsh Beniwal:

Harsh Beniwal’s YouTube channel has 1,709,887+ subscribers at present and many videos with more than 10,000 views and above. He also collaborates with many other youtubers and similar channels including ScreenPatti, The ComedyHunt and Hasley India. The channel has over 100+ videos to his own channel.

2. Hasley India:

His also famous YouTube channel, Hasley India for comedy and prank videos, with 550,126+ subscribers and 29 videos. Some of the famous videos on his channel include:

  1. Every shadi wala dj be like.
  2. Bhai Behn Ka Pyaar.
  3. Haryanvi guys ordering food.
  4. Good friend Vs Best Friend.
  5. Driving with desi dad.
  6. Woh aa rahi hain.
  7. How to scare away ghost part 2.
  8. Boys when they do gym for 1 week.
  9. Ban gaya kutta.
  10. Types of friend part 3.
  11. Future of Pokemon Go in India and many more.

Instagram :

Harsh Beniwal has become more successful through Instagram.  He has done more than 390 posts to his account with many of his vines and prank videos . He has more than 1.3 million followers on the graph. His Instagram followers grow exponentially and he receives nearly 3000 new followers every day.

Image Source : Instagram


After building up a successful career in Online Video Making and Viner, Harsh has never failed to fulfil his audiences’ expectations and has always come up with good creativity and consistency in his posts.

He also feels that even a simple daily life incidence during travel or fun encourages him for a theme for his video and there he is with the most relatable videos of all times. Hats off man, to the creativity to bring the best out of his capabilities. He also makes it possible for every video to be funny so that it doesn’t enrages audience and what else do we want from our star.

Image Source : Instagram

He further believes that there is no boundary as to one has to limit ourselves. One should keep trying in order to become more efficient and successful. One thing he believes in and what we all should is there is no end to learning, and no limit to success. So, keep working and building yourself daily to make the best out of your capabilities.

So, that is all what I have to say about Harsh Beniwal, the famous YouTuber and Viner who never looked back in his life and came up as the social media icon.

Feel free to share your views on the content and Stay tuned with TechnoSeekers for more such inspiring stories.

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