Sahil Arora : An Entrepreneur who proved that age is just a Number !!

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17 year old, Sahil Arora is one of the most successful youngest entrepreneurs of the country. In just a small age he has reached a platform, many people still aspire for. He was born on January 5, 1999.

Sahil Arora went to Pathways School in Gurgaon. At the age of 15, Sahil began his journey in the field of entrepreneurship and is a successful CEO of the Vuzelaa group. Sahil was also regarded as a recipient of Peter Thiel Fellowship, 2017.


Sahil Arora’s journey as an Entrepreneur:

Sahil Arora defines his life as a trip, where he took one step after other starting at the age of 10 till present. Sahil started as a Game Creator at the age of 10, Freelance Designer at 13, Youtuber at 14-15 and Entrepreneur and CEO of the Vuzelaa Group at 16 where he started many ventures under Vuzelaa Group.

Sahil Arora defines Entrepreneurship as his safer place where he could experiment with new ideas and give pace to his dreams. He liked developing new technologies and never wanted to stick to a single desk job and thereby chose to be an entrepreneur.



Sahil also mentioned in an interview that people always considered him to be a failure and never respected his ideas. He was always ignored for his ideas were considered as crazy to implement. But now as we see, Sahil has developed into a successful Entrepreneur with all his hard work and determination. He never wants to stop learning and learning should never stop for anyone.

He also mentioned that in the whole process of building into what he is today, he has lost many people with whom he always wanted stay forever. Also, managing career and teenage phase of his life concerning friends, family, love and relationships has always been a tedious job. Sahil has just now passed his school and is now working with a team of 23 people in his Vuzelaa group.

Sahil describes team building to be an exhaustive process. Sahil Arora describes his journey to be started at home from idea to implementation and it took him 3 months.

Some of the ventures by Sahil Arora include:

1. Eye-D:

Sahil Arora developed an iris software solution Eye-D. This solution scans the iris and uses front camera of a Smartphone and scans the iris. The app proved to be useful in solving security related problems. The solution proved useful for logging into the social media platforms and other places without the need to remember login details.

The company aims to come up with a phone to unlock using iris scan, but instead of using any hardware solution their software using a front camera of the smart phone and declares the scan to be 99.96% accurate. Further the application is useful for security, unlocking phone, authentications and transactions etc.


The product is compatible with iPhone, Android and Microsoft.

Sahil defines his competition with other fastest growing tech giants as positive and never fear the loss he has to compensate if a similar product is pre launched by any other company rather he finds himself determined to work for his innovation.

The response to Eye-D has been quite overwhelming. The deal with Micromax closed within 3 days. The response further depended on the accountability of the product. Sachin further described the authenticity of their product as tested by the famous cricketers from Sachin to Yuvraj Singh, Paytm owners and other users.


Eye-D came out to be a responsive product to the Vuzelaa group.


2. Tabverts:

In a very short time, Sahil came up with his another crazy innovation, Tabverts. The total funding for Tabverts accounts to $500,000 and more. Sahil informs that they had a tie up with a number of cabs and they could install many tabs in the cabs playing entertainment content along with broadcasting advertisements. They decided to run content from Netflix and Hotstar. Sahil further told the public that companies or other brands who found themselves interested in the idea of broadcasting their product ads could just select a price package from their website and upload their ad. This made the idea available to many brands across the world for promotion. The Tabverts decided to provide a real time analytics to the brands using an automated process to avoid any source for misunderstandings.

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Sahil Arora also discussed that they tied up with EasyCabs as their major aim was to target a cab company with 8000 plus cabs.

Sahil further wants to develop an incubation hub. He decided with a major aim to develop some new technology every six months.

Attracting Clients for Partnerships:

Sahil Arora describes his product to be unique and has a mass niche. The team under Sahil Arora describes the pros and cons of a particular product and describes the products as in the use case and once the clients are attracted, the deal continues.

Sahil also describes that for every client they have created a POC prototype. The demonstration of product to clients includes real time demo instead of showing the product thereby showcasing how Vuzelaa’s product adds value to their products


Sahil Arora truly justifies the fact that you can achieve what you want; it’s just that you need hard work, patience and determination to carry your ideas forward. Sahil Arora had also faced many rejections in beginning due to his age factor but he had not stopped putting his hardwork and he has now truly proved that age does not matter when the intentions are pure. By becoming an entrepreneur at such a small age, he has proved that age is not a bar in innovating something. If you have ideas and you know how to implement them, then you can surely achieve success. Sahil Arora said that instead of thinking what we want to do, we should make targets and we should put in our best to achieve those targets.

Sahil Arora came up as a successful entrepreneur with his sheer determination. Success is just not a one day deal; it comes with long term struggle.

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