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Life is becoming smarter with Internet and increasing services provided through apps and other mediums. You all must know about the mCent recharging app wherein one could earn free recharges. The app was decided to be closed and the decision of closing the app was replaced by introducing Mcent Browser. So, let us know what exactly is mCent Browser.

mCent Browser:

The main idea about mCent Browser is that one can earn recharges while going through regular surfing sites using mCent Browser instead of any regular browser. The overall rating of the mCent Browser apk is 4.4. The App was last Updated on December 21, 2017 under the Free Communication App Category. mCent Browser supports Android Version 16 and above.

How it Works?

mCent Browsers allows users to surf the internet like with any other normal browser. When one browses through the sites, we often encounter ads through which the company earns and distributes it among the users.

Earning Points through mCent Browser:

Surfing through various websites one gets to earn 10 to 40 points in each session. While earning 5000 to 10000 points is not a difficult task, once we have earned 1000 points we can add it to our Account.

Wait, Wait … 1000 points doesn’t means 1000 rupees, 1000 points count to 1 Rupee in your Account wallet. But if you surf approximately 3-4 hours, then you can earn more than 40 – 50 rupees per day.

But Of Course, to earn Free Recharges you need to download the mCent Browser App. Here are the steps to download the Browser.

Download Link : mCent Browser

Downloading mCent Browser:

  • Firstly Download the mCent Browser app from the App store or the link provided : Download Here
  • Now Open Up the app and complete the Account Setup.
  • Enter the Mobile Number to receive OTP.
  • After you complete the Account Setup, earn the 100 points on joining.
  • Now Simply start surfing and earning points.
  • Once Your Points tab clicks to 1000+ points, you can click on Add to Account option and the 1000 points will be added as 1 rupee to your account.
  • Continue Surfing and earning points with mCent Browser.
  • Once your account balance is 10 rupees, you can recharge your number with any suitable plan listed in the list.

Earning Extra Points:

One can earn extra points than the once received for surfing internet by inviting or referring our friends.

In order to refer friends:

  • Click on Boost my Points on Mcent Home Window.
  • Click on Invite friends and share the message to your family, friends and relatives.
  • Once they start collecting, the referrer earns 1.5 times.


Advantages of mCent Browser:

  • Auto fill forms: mCent Browser allows auto fill.
  • Private Browsing: mCent Browser allows to change settings to private so that browsing history and cookies
  • Has Download Manager
  • Comprises of Many Home Screen Shortcuts.
  • Supports both English and Hindi Language.
  • Allows block ads
  • Data can be saved for offline browsing


Looking at the overall aspects of the mCent Browser, one can conclude that mCent Browser is a better initiative my mCent Company for users to earn while they learn from surfing. It’s just that people who surf a lot can use this browser and save many points that can be added to account for recharging.


We will be back soon with more Earning Apps from which users can be benefited to a great extent till then stay tuned with TechnoSeekers.

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