Bhuvan Bam Biography : Know All about the Famous Youtuber and Viner, BB KI VINES

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Bhuvan Bam, the famous YouTube sensation was born in Baroda on 21th January 1994 and brought up in Delhi. His real name is Bhuvaneshwar Bam, but he is popularly recognized as BB or Bhuvan Bam among his fans and followers.

Early Education

Bhuvan Bam attended his school at Green fields School, New Delhi and acquired his bachelor degree from Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, New Delhi. Bhuvan Bam himself mentioned that he scored 74% marks in his Class 12th board. Also, BB’s Mother always wanted him to pursue honors during his undergraduate years. He defined his low percentage as a reason for little options available in Delhi University and he ended up choosing history at Shaheed Bhagat Singh College.

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Bhuvan Bam had always wanted to be an archaeologist and still reads up books related to it.

Career as a Singer:

Bhuvan Bam started his career as a musician and performer in bars and used to work up till late hours to earn a living. Sooner did he realize his interests for music, BB started composing his own songs. Bhuvan Bam also mentions choosing his passion over profession against many people’s wishes .

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Passion v/s Profession:

In an interview, BB mentioned that before entering college, he discovered his passion for music and decided to go along with it. His parents at first were little convinced but soon supported his dream. He also mentions that he got his first opportunity to sing at a restaurant. Everyone was against him but he never left hope.

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Earning : 

During the early age of his success, BB used to earn through live performances and his original self composed songs. Now, with the huge success of his YouTube channel “BB KI VINES” , Bhuvan Bam enjoys a huge fan following and YouTube Subscribers and earns through ‘ YouTube’s Partner Program’. Further he does live concerts, live performances in different countries as well as college fests.

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Internet Success:

Bhuvan Bam started his YouTube Channel “BB KI VINES”  with his first video entitled ‘The Chakhna Issue’ with barely 10-15 views which was later deleted. According to a post on Quora, BB Ki Vines was accidentally created while he was working with his Nexus Phone Camera.

His continuous determination and patience are the reasons behind the success. His originality in writing songs is a major reason for his popularity. Also, during a TEDx Talk at IIT Delhi Bhuvan Bam mentioned how originality leads to fame and let dreams come true.

BB KI Vines and Other Collaborations:

BB ki Vines comprised of many fictional characters where he himself was the protagonist, Bancho as his closest friend and Sameer Fuddi who is his cousin and Mr. Hola as his father’s friend. Other characters also include Babloo Ji, Mrs.Verma and Dr. Sehgal. BB feels guilty to use name of Dr. Sehgal as he was his real life next door neighbour as mentioned in an interview.

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BB ki vines grew very popular among people following which Bhuvan Bam had collaboration with ‘The Viral Fever’ in the video TVF Bhootiyapa Bachelors Vs Ghost. He was also involved in a jamming session with Vaibhav Bundhoo in a live session on Facebook by TVF, the biggest collaboration with any other YouTube Channel. BB played a lead role in the second episode of ‘TVF Bachelors’ and ‘Bachelors vs Landlord ft. BB KI VINES’.

Bhuvan Bam is highly popular among teens and post teens of India. He is the popular YouTuber in Pakistan. Be it boys or girls, everyone loves to watch BB ki Vines episodes with equal immense pleasure.

BB has also collaborated with Pakistan Viners – Bekaar Vines and Karachi Vyns.

Not everyone is a Liker:

Bhuvan Bam, like any other rising star faced criticism for the abusive languages and 18+ content he used in his videos but the support to him was beyond count. The supporters in his support mentioned that it was just a reflection of how Modern Youth converses specially in Delhi.

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Currently, BB shares a huge fan following and has more than 4.3 Million fans on his Facebook Page named ‘BB KI VINES’ , 3.2 Million followers on Instagram and 5 Million+ Subscribers on his YouTube Channel. Apart from BB ki Vines pages, he also has a FB page named ‘BB Musician’ with 37k+ fans.

His growth is tremendously high and all thanks to his massive hard work.

BB speaks about his Favourite creation:

According to BB, his favourite creation is his self composed song ‘Ban-Chod’ released in March 2015. The song received lakhs of views in a single day (You can imagine the popularity level). It was regarded as the ‘Most Popular video’ for a week after its release.

BB ki Vines video “Papa MaakiChu” had 4.5 million views at its time and still is the most popular with 10.4 million+ views.

Recently in January 2017, Bhuvan Bam was the first YouTuber to cross 2 Million Subscribers.


Bhuvan Bam was awarded popular Channel award at WebTV Asia awards 2016 at Seoul South Korea in competition with The Viral Fever, All India Bakchod, Being Indian and East India Comedy.

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Further Achievements:

Bhuvan Bam previously had a YouTube Channel “Bhuvan Bam Official” created approximately six years ago has 94k+ subscribers.

Also, BB appeared in a promotional app video of UC Browser developed by Chinese Mobile Company, UCWeb and owned by AliBaba where he was challenged to while skydiving from 15K from sea level. His popularity gathered the video almost 10 million views in a week.

To add to his work, BB played a lead role in Web Series- “The Bro Court” created by Sab Group.

Well, there is no end to what all BB has done in his life, all his struggles are worth paying off. Furthermore, there is no point to be jealous of this successful viner-musician-comedian-composer and what not, for it is really impossible for a person to grow from bottom to heights with little hard work surely it requires immense hard work, struggle, criticism, negligence and far from it is the first stair to success.

Well, this is all I could gather from various social sources and surely I must have missed something about the famous sensation but all efforts have been made to include all and the best possible details about BB.

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