Amazon Plans YouTube Rival, AmazonTube

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Amazon is all set to rival Google’s YouTube since the news of Google ceasing away YouTube support from Amazon Echo Show and Fire TV. Amazon has been working whole heartedly to produce a new rival against YouTube.

According to Sources, Amazon has filed two trademarks in U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for “AmazonTube” or “Open Tube”. Tube in the names is a general reference to YouTube.

All about the AmazonTube

Amazon describes AmazonTube or Open Tube as a service for “Non-Downloadable and pre-recorded audiovisuals via wireless networks”.  Also, it will enable users to share content, photos, videos, text, data, images and other electronic works. Similar to the categories YouTube Provides, AmazonTube includes topics that include gaming, dance, tech, fashion, music and much more. AmazonTube also provides Amazon Video Direct which allows users to post videos and earn loyalties.

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Facilities at AmazonTube:

AmazonTube allows viewers to rent and buy content or view it for free with advertisements. Advertisements free version is bound to be offered to only Amazon Prime members involving a subscription and other associated benefits.

Initially the venture will be active in US, Germany, Austria, Japan and UK. Using Amazon Prime Video, Amazon provides access to Professional TV Shows that worked as a rival to Netflix. Also, it streams user-generated clips.

Amazon feels it an opportunity to make it easier for content creators and video makers to find great audience and also for that audience to find better associated content.

Nearly a month back, Online talent Firm FullScreen launched its own video subscription platform. Previously, it used to publish videos and other related content on social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram and SnapChat. In contrast, YouTube offers an ad free subscription service- YouTube Red which costs $10 a month.

Public Opinions:

Though Amazon is all set to offer the best video facilities, the major questions among the general public is that how the idea is different from YouTube, Standing against the world’s biggest video site and on the contrary offering additional benefits.

To fulfill all the promises made, Amazon will require big name content creators with the bestest offers. But since a lot of time taking promises have been made, result is surely time taking.

For the time being,  it will be difficult to believe if Amazon is really making into this step or just beating about the bush. Or maybe Amazon is trying to possibly resolve conflicts with Google. Or maybe Amazon tries its wild card mind to pay the content creators. The retailers also proposed a scheme for e-book publishers who wish to take part in Amazon’s Kindle edition which offers readers with a sizeable amount of book titles to choose from for a monthly subscription fee.

Taking advantage over clampdown of advertising revenue from YouTube, Amazon may choose a long ahead path.

But all the promises are still hung in air unless and until Amazon clears all its plans with general public and till then all we can do is wait.


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