YouTube Prank Gone Wrong : Monalisa Perez Sentenced to Jail For Killing her Boyfriend in a YouTube Prank

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A teenage couple from Minnesota’s YouTube prank to gain a huge amount of fame and subscribers turned tragic.

What made the couple decide for such a stunt?

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As mentioned in the about section of their channel, The couple mentioned that they would be posting all about their achievements and struggles and, much more about their whereabouts. In a couple of videos before the tragic incident, the two had posted about them eating donuts coated with baby powder instead of sugar , jumping into the swimming pool from the height of a house, falling from a tree and much more.

Monalisa Perez ,20 and Pedro Ruiz III ,22 were looking forward to boosting their YouTube channel and to go ahead with their plans they decided to fire a 50 caliber handgun at Ruiz while Perez holds an encyclopedic book in order to stop the bullet.

The Incident:

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Monalisa Perez was pregnant with their second child at the time of shooting for the video. Along with her first child, 30 people stood there to watch the video being shot.

Pre-video shoot Monalisa tweeted, that she along with her boyfriend was going to shoot a dangerous video also mentioning that it was Pedro’s idea.

Police was called on the accident scene and several methods were followed to save the boy, but all methods were futile and he was declared dead. The woman was found guilty of the death.

According to Aunt Claudia Ruiz, the tragedy could be remarked as a “prank gone wrong” and also told that she was previously also reluctant for the two of them to perform the stunt.

Unfavorable Outcomes:

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20 year old, Perez is all set to be behind the bars for her act .She is charged with reckless discharge of firearms. Their unborn baby is a boy and the family has decided to name him Baby Pedro to carry forward his father’s name. Perez will be sent to jail in February 2018. Her pleadings and court agreements serve her a six-month jail and 10 years of supervised probation.

 Public Opinions and Reactions:

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The incident shook away many as it was not the only case where earning name and fame led ways to disastrous ideas and catastrophic results. Many people believe that some think its quite big money but we often forget that these ‘social media stars’ have been famous all before. Also, autonomous bodies like schools and also parents should warn their young generation about the negative calls of social media. Social media was intended to build extensive communication and not to make people famous. Everyone sets a different path of their life journey and similar trends go with social media and not everyone can have the same fame and that too in the similar time frame is just obsolete.

This is just one part of disasters social media cause, recently while scrolling through my news feed, I found various other news like a teenager going through a number of surgeries to  become like a model she adore or a stuntman performing stunts on an above 20 storey building and shooting his own death to earn YouTube fame.

Well, it’s just mind-boggling to see several of us, going mad after social platforms and I must say we must stop it before it is too late.


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