Being Productive: Top Productive Apps of the year 2017

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Productivity is something we all need in our lives. It doesn’t really matter who you are. So, in order to make your work hassle free, we’ve got a list of apps which will help you with your tasks.

Hey there, this is Pratham Yogendra here from TechnoSeekers back again with a new article wherein I am gonna be talking about the most productive apps of the year 2017. So without further ado, let’s get started.

#1 Word Swag

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So first off, on our list, We have this app called Word Swag.

Now, the title might be a bit funky but the app is a lot cooler and basically, it is an app on which you can Design Quality Posters,
Wallpapers, Instagram Posts, Facebook Posts from your Smartphone/Tablet. This app is available for both Android and iOS.So you can find this in your respective Play Store or App Store.

Moreover, the general interface of the app is good and easy to use.Overall, this app can be handy if you are working on Social Media
Posts via your Smartphone.

#2 Google Keep

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Moving on to the next app on our list, we have the Google Keep, this app is a very handy app for those of you who are constantly taking
notes. This app not only helps you to take notes but it does also sync it online. So, that if you even leave the not unfinished because of
various reasons, you can continue the work on your Laptop/Desktop without any hassle.

Now, this app is available in Play Store, all you need to do is to type Google Keep in your respective Device’s App Store or Play Store.
And when it comes to continuing the work on your Desktop/Laptop, all you need to do is to type in your respective browser and sign in.

#3 Pocket

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So, moving to another interesting app, this app is called the Pocket. Now, it happens most of the time, We come across a good piece of
Content on Internet, just like this one.

Just kidding, but yeah, When we happen to come across a good piece of Content and unfortunately you are given some work to do or someone calls you and you totally can’t read the content.

Well, this will come in handy, Pocket is an app where you can save the most interesting or should I say the good piece of Content to read it
later. Hell yeah! You can now read it and share it with the world as well.

#4 Forest: Stay Focused

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Now moving on from reading good content to being focused on our work. This app might really help you out if you are a School/College Student who wants to focus on his/her studies rather than being on Phone for a long period of time.

This app is called Forest: Stay Focused.

The essential function of this app is that it let’s you know about your Focus Levels. The app basically let’s you plant a virtual sapling
which will keep growing with the passage of time until and unless you disturb your Phone. So, if you have an exam and want to stay focused, this app is for you and if you touch the Phone while the tree is growing, the tree will die.

And you will have to start right back from a Sapling.

#5 Slack

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Now moving on, this is an app, I love to work on when I working and have an important message to send it to my team. This app is called

Now essentially, what this app does is that it lets you create a group of your Company where you can add your team members and share
all the work-related stuff. Now, this app helps us keep track of things, articles, schedules and what not.

I use it a lot. Overall, it is a  pretty good app.

P.S: All the apps mentioned above are available for both Android and iOS. So until and unless you are on a Windows Phone-based Eco System, you shouldn’t have a problem finding ’em.

So, these were the apps, I found to be Productive for the Year 2017. If you liked the article, make sure to follow us on TechnoSeekers and
make sure to share it with your Friends as well. And if you felt that I’ve missed any good app, then make sure to suggest it down below. So
that we can include it the next time. Until then, this is Pratham here signing off, you guys have a great day. Bye-bye now.

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