A 6-Year Old Boy Earning $11 million a Year Just By Reviewing Toys – Want to Know How?

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Featured Image : YouTube

Ryan is entitled as the mini multi-millionaire of YouTube and was ranked 8th in Forbes among the top 10 highest YouTube earners. Well, Yes Ryan is the boy who earned $11 million last year by reviewing the toys at his own widely popular channel “Ryan Toys review”.

So, let us know how it all started.

The Starting Phase:

Ryan was nearly 3-4 years old when the little prodigy questioned his parents that children of his age were flashing all over the YouTube channel then why not he, this is where Ryan’s parents decided to create a YouTube channel for him. Why reviewing toys? Well, Ryan at his age was too fond of watching various toy review channels like EvanTubeHD and Hulyan Maya who posted regular videos related to Thomas Tank Engine.

That is when, Ryan’s parents took him to the shop and bought his first toy –Lego Train Set. The boy started his video channel in March 2015.

The Boost Up Phase:

Ryan’s channel usually comprises of toy reviews with his father; where he can be seen unpackaging toys and reviewing them. It was in July 2015 that the Ryan Toys review posted a video of him opening and reviewing a Giant Egg Surprise which went viral to the extent that it has 800 million+ views.

All since they gained popularity the channel is posting daily reviews on new toys and food for kids.

Ryan’s parents suggest that most of the subscribers are children aged 3 to 7 years mainly from US and Phillippines. Ryan’s mother claims that they do not interfere in Ryan’s pre-school education, rather they make up videos on the weekends and edit it when Ryan’s at school.

Apart from unboxing toys, the family can be seen recording various incidents of Ryan’s life that is him playing hide and seek at a restaurant, doing much interesting stuff etc.

What are they doing with the money?

The parents inform that they are saving money earned into Ryan’s college savings account and in a trust fund for his twin sisters , namely Emma and Kate.

The channel as stated by many is a mix of “Personal Vlog and UnBoxing Video”. A video comprising 10 to 20 million views can have a huge impact on the retail of the toys.

The family seems to have struck too much of success with the channel, but they shall continue to make videos while Ryan gets bored of them or finds it difficult to cope up. Till then Ryan’s mother mentions that Ryan is having a good time shooting for videos and gets too much excited when they detail him that they are going to shoot the next video.

Ryan is an inspiration to all the coming generations where children at his age are busy watching cartoon filmstrips, playing with toys and not using technology at it’s worth. We all know childhood is the time to play and have fun, but there is no harm when you earn from it, same as what Ryan is doing.

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