7 Apps Every YOUTUBER Must Have : Top Best Apps for YOUTUBERS

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Yes. You read it right. There are some apps which one might consider as important in order to become efficient YouTuber. Most of the times certainly we cannot have PCs or laptops available to grant us access various video creating to editing facilities so the apps referred in this article will be with you wherever you head to.

So, now let’s start with our list, with the most important apps:

1. YouTube App:

Image Source: www.youtube.com

Well, yes YouTube is the most important app for any YouTuber.

Using the YouTube app, one can create, add titles, put tags, descriptions and moreover upload our videos (provided one has a channel) with the proper category to which the app belongs. So here is a short list of what you can do with the YouTube app:

  • Record directly from app

  • Edit the videos

  • Stay updated with what’s trending

  • View your own videos 

Most of the people these days might have this app available on their phones, yet it’s quite important to mention it.

2. YouTube Creator Studio App:

Image Source: www.pinterest.com

This app usually provides statistics and analysis about your videos and one can reply the comments on a video using this app. For example, the app lets you know the age group of people viewing your videos or keywords that mention your video in the search drop-down list and is very essential because all these statistics and analysis quite a lot help in planning to grow our channel and are crucial in its development.

Here also, I am providing a short list for an eye glance review:

  • Used to view depth analysis

  • Edit Video playlists

  • Respond to and Approve/Disapprove comments

  • Much More to Explore

Download Link : YouTube Studio

3. Legend App:

Image Source: www.youtube.com

Well, this app helps in an important section of the videos i.e. intros or the starting and the ending. If you don’t have the best editing skills and think twice to go for any software, this app is sufficient to make your videos the best.

How it works

  • Write the text.

  • Select background/animation

  • Save to any desired format.

The app has extremely good features with 20 text animation styles, available facility to save in any format, emoji support and what not.

It’s necessary to reduce the load of creating introductions with heavy editing.

Download Link: Legend 

4. Google AdSense App:

Image Source: www.searchenginejournal.com

This app is used by every Youtuber to check the views and impressions on the video.

Moreover, Adsense is a free and simple way to earn money by placing ads on the online content. But before the ads are published, they are reviewed for appropriate quality and only the highest paying ads go live on your videos.

How it works:

  • Select the ad you want to place

  • Choose where to place the ads

  • Your selected ads go live

  • Earn Money

Download Link : Google AdSense


5. SnapSeed :

This app is a professional photo editor app by Google. It helps one select different effects and adjustments in the features box to be applied to pictures. It helps you save default settings and editing history for future references. YouTubers are using Snapseed widely for creating thumbnails for their videos.


Image Source: https://snapseed.en.softonic.com

Some of the filters in the app include Drama. Grunge, Vintage, frames etc.

Furthermore, this app helps you share edited pictures directly with your social media handles.

Download Link : SnapSeed


6. Adobe Premiere Clip:

Image Source: https://www.engadget.com

 This app is useful to edit the apps on the mobile phone and provides the best video editing features. It helps create amazing video clips with ultra refine editing features.

Image Source: https://www.phonedog.com

It provides the following features:

  • Fast video creation + extremely good results
  • Videos are made such that they are in sync with music
  • Works along with Lightroom and Capture CC
  • Allows sharing
  • Powerful and Professional editing features.


So, this app is a must for people who prefer to edit their videos via Smartphone.

Download Link: Adobe Premiere Clip


7. Smart Voice Recorder:

Image Source: https://www.androidcentral.com

This app is generally by default available in every smartphone and is essential for YouTubers. It allows high quality and longtime sound recording. It is usually automated and provides a lot of advantage.

Various voices including business meetings can be recorded in this app but it is not a call recorder app. This app can be used for voice overs as well.

Image Source: www.addictivetips.com

Well, this is just a snippet of what exactly these apps do. If you are into this video making thing, I will suggest you to go through all these apps at least once and the other you find suitable to enhance the quality of work.

Download Link: Smart Voice Recorder


This is all I have to tell about the app, For a more holistic explanation, do watch this video:



Stay tuned for further updates.


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