Tips to Consider While Buying a New Laptop / Netbook / Ultrabook.

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Well, most of us would prefer a laptop over a traditional PC. But, then when we go to the electronic store or open any shopping site such as Amazon or Flipkart , We would find a wide variety of laptops to choose from and In this wide variety of Laptops, We would often get confused or get lured by the store owners who just wish to earn more commission.


Hey there, this is Pratham here from the TechnoSeekers back again with a new article wherein I am gonna be sharing some tips to consider while buying a new Laptop/Netbook/ Ultrabook. So what are we waiting for, let’s get started!


 So first off, you need to understand the purpose to get yourself a laptop.


Yeah, you need to understand the purpose of buying a laptop. The purpose can be Gaming (or) Video-Editing (or) Casual browsing (or) Graphic designing (or) Programming and the list can be endless.


And whether you spent the money on a right laptop, will only depend on the purpose of usage.


Say, you buy an expensive laptop but, only to find out that you use it for casual browsing. Well, the ROI or Return of Investment will be very less.


And in other case scenarios, if you aspire to become a Gamer but you buy a laptop for cheap when you get lured into buying it as it has a Intel Core i5 Processor and you end up buying a laptop with 1st gen Core i5 Processor.


And you wouldn’t want any of the above scenarios to happen with you! So down below are some tips to consider while buying a new Laptop/ Netbook/Ultrabook.


Tip-1: If you are into online market, then make sure to check the reviews of the laptop before buying and while checking out reviews please do avoid fake reviews by Amazon Customer or Flipkart Customer.

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Every customer who gets it and reviews it has a tag of Verified Purchase below the title of his/her review.

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Tip-2: If you are into the Offline market, then make sure to take along that one geek friend you have to help you out in buying a new laptop according to your needs.

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Nowadays, In smartphone sector, the mobile market is full of selfie and octa-core processor with VOLTE and In case of Laptops, Netbooks and Ultrabooks, it’s all about Core i5 Processor or i7 and 4GB Ram with HD Display which is better than 4k.

Well, trust me. I am resident of Hyderabad and in Hyderabad, this is the famous retailer and in that store, I was told that a laptop which has i5 Dual core processor and an HD Display can compete with Macbooks.


Tip-3: Configurations you need to look for

Make sure to check out the Processor Model, It’s Cores and It’s generation and when it comes to Ram, make sure that the device you are looking for has a minimum of 4GB Ram of DDR3 Generation and Moving on to storage, if you spending an amount of more than 30,000 INR than the laptop has a 1TB HardDisk with at least of 5400RPM and if you are spending around 40,000-50,000 INR then make sure it comes at least with 120GB of SSD.

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Tip-4: Device should come with OS

 Make sure that the device comes with the OS you prefer to and are comfortable to use it .


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Tip-5: Compare price ‘online vs stores’

 Always check out in-store price and Online price of a Device and try to get the best deal possible.

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Tip-6: Believe in Brand/Retailer/Store

 Make sure the store/retailer/brand has good after sales service because if you experience any problem in future then you could rely on the brand without having the need of going to repair store who usually pirate software and install it on your laptop.


Well, these were the tips to consider while buying a new Laptop/Netbook/Ultrabook.

If you did like this article then make sure to share it with your friends and make sure to hit that like button and comment down below. This is Pratham here signing off, you guys have a great day. bye-bye now.


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