Beheld: A new start-up in 3D printing –Know what’s trending

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Beheld is a new start-up that helps you scan, send and print yourself. Yes, this is true and let’s move forward to know how it all started.

History behind the idea:

With the joining of new CEO, Peter Weijmarshausen and his meet with Kat Kinkead, they realized one of the finest and most popular applications of 3D scanning and printing. Back at shape way, these figure like representations have been extremely popular but difficult to capture and print.

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But all thanks to improvements in scanning, color printing and software developments, Beheld came into existence.

Kinkead had a degree in industrial design and had worked for 3D printing industry half a decade, therefore her help in the field of building procedures was necessary; They founded Beheld in this year’s January with a small amount of funds.

But wait for a while, capturing 3D is not an easy way.


Beheld as a new 3D printing start-up aims to provide 3D scanning stations that allows us to send and print figure sized versions.

How to Proceed:

The process is not so difficult, just enter the kiosk and stand still. Or one enters a booth sized camera and strike a pose. The scanner captures multiple pictures of a person in 360 degrees view and pieces them together. Further one can share the 3D model of our pictures with friends, family and relatives. Printing of 3D pictures shall cost $40 while electronically sharing media shall cost no money.

What makes a difference?

According to Kat Kinkead ,the start-up company is providing a 3D scanning experience, taking the already existing components and tying them together to create a beautiful and memorable experience for its customers alongside creating the best business opportunity for themselves. The company also mentions that they are keeping scanners in such an environment that makes them available to all. The company aims to provide scanners in malls and trafficked places. Providing a free service, the company aims to get a quite number of consumers in the process. The company has also created a varied number of special effects that makes one appear and disappear in clouds or smoke, a strategy to attract the so-called “Snapchat” generation. It shall work as an alternative against selfies of the generation. The company has a better lot of strategies to make their start-up a great grand success.

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It is sometimes hard to convince people to scan photos for themselves on portals pertaining various factors and furthermore to pay for it becomes much more difficult. The idea should be in the minds of people to get 3D print for themselves or to use a 3D scan of their body to create items customized to fit them perfectly.

In Kinkead’s view, the company is all set to provide 3D scanning kiosks across America and Europe. So, let’s look forward to this new launch and further see its growth over other parts of the country.

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