Nokia 2: Another Bad Move by Nokia/HMD Global

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Nokia has been trying to create the hype for a while now. They’ve been trying since February of 2K17 where they first showed up at MWC 2K17, Everyone out there was pretty excited about Nokia coming back and the very same day Nokia turned their excitement into Disappointment.


Yeah! they did.


Later, they came up with Nokia 8 as well but then I don’t think it lived up much to it’s hype.


Today, they came up with their new so called “Good” Device called the Nokia 2.

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Hey there! this is Pratham again from TechnoSeekers back with a new article where I will be sharing my opinion on the Nokia 2.


So without further ado, let’s get started.


Well, Nokia 2 is a new budget segment device which Nokia launched today which according to ’em is a deal breaker.


So, How is this Phone a deal breaker?

A: According to Nokia, this phone is known for its battery. It comes with 4100 mAh of battery.


WoW!!  Xiaomi just copied Nokia and improved it’s smartphone with better specifications an year ago!


Nokia is so innovative!


Anyways sarcasm apart. Nokia 2 comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 212 Chipset coupled with Adreno 304.

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It is a 32 bit Quad Core Processor with all it’s cores based on Arm Cortex A7 Architecture manufactured on 28nm process. This processor is clocked at 1260 Mhz and the GPU is clocked at 456Mhz .


Now, this process is atleast two and a half years old and can barely compete with today’s budget range processors such as Snapdragon 430 or 432.

This Phone comes with 1 GB of RAM and 8GB of Storage.


Well, according to me, this is a very underpowered device and Nokia claims this phone will be running on Android Nougat and they’ve also promised to give Oreo Updates to this Phone.


Well, I really doubt if this Phone will even be able to boot up after recieving Oreo update.

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So now moving on to the Cameras, the rear camera is a 8MP CMOS Sensor and is capable of shooting 1280×720~0.92 MP of Video and the front camera is a 5MP CMOS Sensor and is capable of shooting the same 1280×720~0.92 MP of Video.


Nokia, it’s 2017 even budget Xiaomi phones like Redmi 4A have better cameras.


Moving on, This phone comes with a 5 Inch 720P display which is a incell LTPS Display which according to me is the only thing which is not great nor satisfying but it is the only thing which can be conisdered ok for the expected price of ₹6000- ₹7000


 This Phone comes with basic sensors such as Proximity, Accelerometer, Light and Compass sensor.


There is no Gyroscope Sensor on this Phone.


I wasn’t even expecting Compass sensor to be honest.


Now moving to my opinion about this Phone .


It is pretty simple, I wouldn’t recommend anyone to buy this Phone even it is launched at the price of ₹4000- ₹5000 though the expected price is ₹6000- ₹7000. I would rather recommend to buy any Xiaomi device. They would give you much smoother and fluid experience with better specifications.


So, this is everything about Nokia 2 and This is Pratham here signing off from Technoseekers. You guys have a great day. bye-bye now.

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