GOOGLE Launched a New Hardware Kit For Corporate Meetings Worth$1999

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Google is looking for a new Hangouts meet hardware kit that may seem more beneficial for the virtual meetings than a web cam for its extremely intelligent features.

In the early months of the year, Google divided its Hangouts Communication into two divisions, first being the Hangouts Chat for instant business messaging and second being the Hangouts Meet for video conferencing meets among the people.

With the previous features in mind, Google introduced a new kit with four devices: a speaker mic, ultra HD camera, touch screen controller and a Chrome box. At $1999 the deal is not cheap enough to mention but it surely aims at improving communications between organisations. So let’s discuss about each of the component one by one and additional features possessed by the kit:

The Touch screen Controller:

The touch screen controller has a capture capacitive Touch display which uniquely has a price of $500 and enables us to connect laptop or Chrome box via HDMI. This too comes with a wide range of features such as pinning or muting specific team members, adding the additional participants.

The kit also has Asus Chrome box CN62 which uniquely prices to $200. The Chrome OS is the command centre used to monitor and manage actions. It supports a 4K sensor and offers a 120 degree field view with camera developed under machine learning technology to detect the participants and frame them in a shot.

Speaker Mic, Huddly Go Camera and Other features:

Google itself developed the speaker mic which was designed for capturing audio and sound broadcasting. The five speaker mics are developed in a daisy channel with a single connected wire to capture sounds in large rooms. Speaker mics according to the sources can be bought individually though price is unknown.

Huddly Camera has a 4K sensor with a wide angle view, compact design and API program combining up with the Hangouts Meet hardware. It is controlled by touch screen controller as mentioned above. Google has designed the speaker in a way that it eliminates echoes and background noise. It provides a maximum number of five mics.

The maximum number of participants for video meeting has been increased by the company from 30 to 50 with a saving feature of videos to Google Drive. It also provides a “more than a dozen markets” for people not on Hangouts.

Further Updates:

Google is also looking to announce many other devices as a part of Peripheral Qualification Program. Company is working on the stability, reliability and interoperability before recommending it for use. It is also looking for a wide range of software updates for its users.

Availability and Price:

Though, each of the components of the kit could be bought individually, yet Google is making efforts to make it available as a combined set. The Hardware meet kit has been made available on sale in U.S., Canada, U.K., Ireland, Finland, France, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Australia, Japan and New Zealand. The known price of the complete kit is $1999 as per the sources and the rest shall be announced soon.

Stay tuned for further updates.


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