Apple Paves Its Way To Become $1 Trillion Company

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Apple shares once again hiked up to $842 billion and the company plans to move forward to $1 trillion. Doing a pretty good job, Apple tries to meet the standards set by the Wall Street.

As mentioned in the previous article, the Big 5 tech companies met to discuss their revenues and earnings per year. The financial reports from the company generally suggest the stock prices. Apple’s making money on the very iPhone it sells and in particular iPhone X, as it is a true representation of next generation in the form of the slate of glass that controls your connection to the entire world.

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Apple hiked up to 40% and that astonished the Wall Street. Apple in last quarter suggested that they might come up with better than expected in the third quarter which they readily proved. Wall Street notices a significant spike in Apple’s stock price. Here let’s have a look at this quarter’s analysis of Apple, one of the big 5 companies.



This Quarter’s Analysis

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Apple again witnessed a rise in its shares up to 3%% and an upper mark of $842 billion. The rise was about $160 billion which may seem impossible but for Apple, it is not. Apple has been expanding a wide range of products that make sure to tie a number of devices running on Apple’s system offering the great experience at every possible place like your car, home or the city.

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Apple’s premium product: iphones

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The results reveal that iPhone has always been a premium product for Apple and the contribution it makes to sales is more to mention. The combined sales of iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 indicate the high stock with iPhone X still progressing. The quarter analysis may help Apple reach the market with equilibrium in terms of the amount it invests and what it charges. The ever-increasing demand for iPhone may significantly add to its business.

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The past year witnessed a decline in iPhone’s sales. So, a great need for Apple is to raise its revenue level and meet the expectations of Wall Street. Apple has tried to launch an exhibition for other devices which include Air Pods and Home Pod, yet to know the details of each. Apple again is trying hard to witness a major hike and an additional increment line to meet up the expectations of the Wall Street as in the meet. Moreover, in order to increase the product base, Apple ought to suggest a change in its business schemas. Apple needs to work ass off to meet the over demanding expectations of Wall Street. Boosting businesses and launching high standards product should be its major priority.

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iPhone still remains the driving force in Apple’s business that too reflected by the revenue digits. But Apple nonetheless gave signals about its high expectations in the fourth quarter in comparison to the third quarter.


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In order to become $1 trillion Company, the company needs to hook itself up at the earliest. Each company report is important by the CEO to the stock market. Looking forward to a positive hike in Apple’s business next quarter.

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