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Let me introduce you with what Snapchat Spectacles were, So Snapchat, a social media platform has designed spectacles for its users to create video snippets and uploading it directly to web, this sun glass featured a 115 degree camera that could mimic how people saw at things.

It is astonishing to see that only an acute percentage of 0.08 of Snapchat’s users bought the camera sunglasses sold by the company. It is astonishing to know that hundreds and thousands of pairs of these sunglasses stood waste in the warehouses after the launch was bungled by the company.

Initial lines for the purchase and hype led Snap to underestimate the high demand which led to huge supply of sunglasses with a decrease in quality.

A large number of spectacles assembled or unassembled lead to enormous loss to the company. Company’s data estimates to lesser than 50% of the overall users using the specs after one month of purchase and a very low percentage of people stopping after just a week, stating retention power as quite low.

Here comes a question. What was the problem?

Expecting very high demands from the users led to the chaos. The company waited nearly for 5 to 6 months to sell this product, till then the craze for the spectacles has seen a decline. Snapchat never witnessed any single person using the spectacles making video with it .The major issue was that the disability of sunglasses to work with phone’s camera roll widespread among people and led to a burden among the company.

Some things were good to notice, like the fashion photo felt classy. And the first launch advertisement was a good marketing technique to attract crowd.

These were the major problems:

  1. Inappropriate launch and availability: Snap, Snapchat’s parent company first announced the spectacles in September, 2016. Large number of audience stood interested in the product. But, it took company until November to launch the product and the interest vanished. Then, these were available online only until February, disrupting the whole sales.

The marketing technique by the company took a back seat.

Image Source : YouTube

  1. No Influencers: To increase the demand, Snap should have engaged Creative things and influential people to market their product. Snap’s approach to outfitting creators making glasses their first approach was a vain.

Snap didn’t made influential people market the product rather, these were over-enthusiastic social people who defined the image of the product and the sales ruined.

The whole idea of advertising revolved around making round going videos, had there been specialised involved in advertising the sales must have a gone a peak higher. The videos stating its disability were more often on internet than those promoting its sales.

  1. Limited Portability – Whenever a video was uploaded on Snapchat ,it was shown fullscreen but when imported to other platforms it was translated to a square format which clearly showed that they were transported and not meant for that platform, and the questions about its not linking with phone’s camera aroused.
    Moreover being shaded made them difficult to wear at night or inside the house.

There have been a lot many disadvantages over advantages when it comes to Snap’s spectacles.

Thereby, what I conclude from this is as follows:


Spectacles have been a great effort by the company yet the timings and marketing efforts stood wrong. Lack of support, advertising media and rising competition led to a decline in its sales .On the users part , the ignorance for the product can be justified by the lack of what we say is company’s efforts.

Snap therefore, needs tremendous efforts to come up as a camera company and introduce a simple gadget with all the necessary features. So, is necessary for attracting youth and making its name.

That’s all we can say, hoping for better standard products from the company .Hope you enjoyed reading it.

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