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Whatsapp is finally set to release the recall, or what you say the unsend feature. In the Whatsapp, the feature will come up as “Delete for everyone” option. So, no more issues, if you sent a message to the wrong chat.

Facebook-owned Whatsapp reveals that the previous option of “Delete” seemed useless as it only deleted the message from sender’s chats and makes no difference at the receivers’ end.

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It has been officially announced but the feature doesn’t look available for everyone just yet. To keep in mind, both the sender and recipient’s Whatsapp must be updated to use this feature. So, whenever the feature is available to all you got to do is select the message and tap the delete button and the pop up will show a choice between “Delete for me” and “Delete for Everyone” option, based on one’s need one can select the option.

Delete for everyone option allows you to delete specific messages from a group or individual chat.This is helpful if you sent the message by mistake or if it has an error or you wrote something you shouldn’t have sent. 😛

Messages one deletes successfully are replaced by “The message was deleted” in the recipient’s chat box. Similarly in your chat box if the sender deletes the message for everyone.

But, here comes the twist the messages can be recalled up to only seven minutes after sending. Once seven minutes are gone, there is no way out to delete the message for everyone.

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  1. Open your Whatsapp chat you wish to delete messages from.
  2. Tap the message and Choose delete button.The two option will pop up:
  3. A) Delete for everyone B)Delete for Me

In order to delete the message successfully from both the ends, each of the users must be using the latest version of Whatsapp as mentioned above on Android, iPhone or Windows Phone. If not using the same the feature will not be supported. If the recipient has already seen the message or you deleted the message a bit late, then the feature might be vain i.e. of no use to you. There may be chances that the deletion was not successful.

Second was to delete the messages for you

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Deleting message for one’s self is same as the previous, it allows you to delete your copy of messages without any effect in the receiver’s end.This is same as Call by reference, haha in the programming language, no change reflected in the overall mechanism.

  1. Open the Whatsapp chat box from where you wish to delete the message.
  2. Tap the message and choose the delete button from the menu.
  3. From the pop choose “Delete for Me” option.


Hola! Your message deleted from your end.


Conclusion : 

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Concluding the discussion, for it’s all enough you should know.The feature is although introduced by the Whatsapp but yet not available on all devices, firstly update the version so as to check if the feature is available for you or not. Enjoy the feature yo all have been longing for.

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