Types of Keyboards and Which One Is Best For You!!

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We all use keyboards! don’t we??


We use it on our Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones,TV’s (Android TV’s) and even in ATMs as well through the keyboard used in ATM’s are Numeric.

 Image Source: https://fynestuff.com

Now, have you ever wondered that you don’t get the same comfort while typing on a Desktop keyboard and Laptop’s inbuilt keyboard? Well, on a desktop keyboard which basically would be a Membrane Keyboard or a Mechanical Keyboard, We feel more comfortable to type for a long time but on Laptop Keyboards which usually is a Chiclet Keyboard, after typing for a long time we start feeling uncomfortable and sometimes our wrist starts to pain.


Image Sourcehttp://au.pcmag.com ( Mechanical Keyboard)

Hey there it’s Pratham here from the TechnoSeekers back again with a new article where in I would be telling you about the types of Keyboards, the difference between ’em and also which one would be the best according to your usage scenario..

Image Credits : Zahid Akhtar ( Chiclet Keyboard )

So without further a do, let’s get to the article.

Image Source: http://www.redlinx.co.za ( Membrane Keyboard)


First off, let’s talk about Membrane Keyboard. It’s nothing much but the typical keyboard which we use with our desktop. They have one-piece switch plungers which when pressed establish the contact in an electrical switch matrix and they don’t give much of a feedback when pressed.

Uses: Microwave Ovens ( Flat type membrane) and desktops.


Now let’s move on to Mechanical Keyboards, Remember the old TVs Keyboards which used to give a clicking kind of sound when pressed and had springs under the keys. Well, those keyboards were Mechanical and Mechanical Keyboards are nowadays widely preferred by Gamers and Programmers because as these keyboards are much more comfortable and the clicks are so satisfying!

Ahem! Fidget Spinners! Can you provide that satisfaction?


So now, I would basically tell you about how these Mechanical Keyboards work!

 Image Source : https://www.razerzone.com


Well, the keys on this type of Keyboard contain a complete switch under ’em and the switches have a base and a stem with spring around it and these springs help the keys on the mechanical keyboard to provide a good feedback and even the keystrokes are better here and these kinds of keyboards help you type for long hours.


These Mechanical Keyboards also give you the flexibility of changing the Key Caps and now a days, Mechanical Keyboards are even backlit nowadays.Here are some other types of Keyboards as well but they are either discontinued or old so no one uses them.


So, now coming to which one is the best for you!


Now, it depends on the user and usage scenario because if you are a casual user who just uses a pc to surf the Internet then I would prefer going with any normal membrane type keyboard and if you are a Gamer or  a Programmer then Mechanical Keyboards will help you with those long hours of Gaming or Coding.

 Image Source: http://techdissected.com ( Gaming Keyboard)

So, this is all about Types of Keyboards and which one is the best for you and if you did like the article then don’t forget to like it, share it and also comment down below the type of Keyboard you are using.

This is Pratham here from the TechnoSeekers signing off you guys have a great day.

bye-bye now.


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