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Facebook introduces the existing handful of features for page admins that help them manage their accounts wisely. Recently, Facebook had a meeting/discussion with the group and page admins in Chicago to know the hands-on view of features that were required to be updated. According to the Sources, Facebook asked the admins the features they required to manage their pages.

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The meeting was held in June. Based on user feedback, Facebook is all set to introduce support for welcome posts, badges, member profiles, and other admin-level controls. Here is a list of changes made by Facebook:


Facebook has introduced a new activity of welcoming its new members to the Facebook Page. Earlier the process was expected to be done manually by searching for the new members and tagging them in a welcome post. This brand new welcome feature allows the page admin to set a welcome message for its members and Facebook will automatically tag its new members and post it on the page.

It becomes difficult for members to spot different positions of people in a group. Facebook has introduced new badges that help all members differentiate between moderators, admins and group members etc. This feature clearly helps all in knowing the positions people share. This also helps in differentiating everything in a crystal clear view.

This feature helps the admin to turn off commenting on member basis instead of knocking down the whole post. This can help keep the post without any sort of bad elements or comments. Furthermore, Facebook helps a page admin to remove members from multiple groups with a single click in case of any unavoidable or irrelevant activity.

This feature allows people to view group profiles of people by just clicking on it. This gives a brief view of member’s personal information as available publicly. Also, it helps them know how long the person has been the member of the group, which mutual friends they share and common events they might be interested in.

Also, a new feature of Group Insights has been introduced. This feature is meant for benefiting the admin. It helps in scheduling posts whenever the members are most engaged. This tool helps in the overall help of the admin by providing the necessary tips.



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Although there have been a lot many changes introduced by Facebook, it feels to introduce furthermore features to introduce smooth working of the Facebook groups and pages and simultaneously ensuring healthy content for users and easier management for admins.

According to Facebook, the meeting with the admins has been helpful in providing them a huge feedback and they plan to keep further such discussions for better improvements and Facebook also introduced an invite-only Facebook group for appreciable feedback of users.

Facebook says it has more developments in the process to implement.


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