Sony Launched its Best Full-Frame MirrorLess Camera Sony A7R III aka Alpha7RIII

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Sony announced its first camera in the A7 series of third generation, A7R III and a step forward leading to being the best in photography industry. Regarded as the best digital mirrorless camera by the company, borrows a number features from A9. It is a boon for photographers as it allows them to shoot for longer duration. Moving forward let us look what is new.

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The New Camera packs big improvements in a single package:

A7R III has fast autofocus option to keep up with the speed. It uses full frame and has a 42.4 Megapixel sensor. It can shoot 10 frames still with adequate autofocus. It also has 3.69 million dot EVF at the back in springs that has been present in A9 .Also, it has 399 autofocus phase detection points and 425 contrast points that make it work 2 times as fast as A7R II in low light conditions.

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The camera also provides pixel shift mode, where it takes four sequential shots in half a second using sensor-shifting image stabilizer and thereby allows capturing a full pixel picture rather than reconstructing colors and then using software to get accurate range of colors.

Next comes the HLG feature, Hybrid-log-gamma which maps a video to broadest tonal range for HDR.

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Technical Specifications:

It has dual SD cards slots, one UHS-II .Also, it supports higher capacity Z series battery.  It also has Dual USB connectors –One micro USB and one USB-C.

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It includes video capabilities including 2160/30p and 1080/120p and high frame rate modes for slow motion. It works on BIONZ X processor .It allows 4K video recording with full pixel readout and Full HD up to 120fps along with 10 fps burst shooting with autofocus and auto-exposure. It has ISO settings as follows: ISO 100-32,000 (exp to ISO 50-102,400 equivalents) .It has a 3 inch tilting touch screen LCD and 650 Shot battery life.

Sony Competes with other brands

A7R III competes with Canon’s 5D the Mark IV .The Canon’s camera has slightest higher resolution LCD touch screen and that’s all in its favour. The A7R III helps us capture photos faster with highly stabilised, high resolution sensor. Its ability of silent shooting and ability to shoot without image blackout make it unique in the list of mirror less cameras.

In the market, mirror-less cameras do not provide as much as portability or advantage. With the decrease in size, the efficiency of cameras decreases. But mirror-less cameras as big as the Sony’s A7R III has many advantages in performance and features over Canon and other brands.

Sony’s camera replaced Nikon for a second position in the photography world and now the question arises so as who can replace Sony in this league.

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Launch and Price:

According to Sony, A7R III will arrive at the end of November. The body only price of camera is set to be £3200 in the UK and €3500 across Europe and $3199 in the US. The details for launch in other countries shall be notified soon.

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