Airtel Presents iPhone 7 at a Down Payment of Rs.7777 : Good or Bad Deal ?

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The Bharti Airtel telecom company presents all smartphones available at an affordable price with the launch of its online store

Airtel launched this offer in association with Apple, HDFC Bank, and many other companies.

So here’s what you all need to know to grab this offer:

Airtel is offering the Apple iPhone 7 for just Rs 7,777 which is just a down payment and requires Rs. 2499 monthly installments for 24 months.  The 128GB model is available at Rs 16,300, iPhone 7 Plus (32GB) is priced at Rs 17,300 and iPhone 7 Plus (128GB) is available at Rs 26,000. The monthly installment for 2 years is applicable on all of the devices. Airtel has promised to provide 30GB of 4G data per month to the buyers against the payment. But it is not as beneficial an offer as it sounds.


You all must be thinking why this generosity by Airtel, So here are the reasons:


  1. Airtel aims at countering Jio’s offer: Jio is offering 70 percent buyback guarantee to its iPhone 7 and iPhone 7s in collaboration with Apple and 100% buyback guarantee on iPhone 8
  1. Airtel does this so as to boost its customer count this festival season


Good or Bad Deal? Let’s Check Out

The company provides the phone at Rs 7,777 as down payment and monthly installments for 24 months. One has to spend Rs 7,777 + (Rs 2,499 x 24) = Rs 7,777 + Rs 59,976 = Rs 67,753 on the iPhone 7 (32GB). If one buys the iPhone 7 (128GB variant), we have to pay Rs 76,276 by the end of 2 years. For iPhone 7 Plus (32GB) you will have to pay Rs 77,276 and for the iPhone 7 Plus (128GB), it will be Rs 85,976.

The plan is mostly of benefit to people who require 30 GB internet and unlimited calling. But, with the arrival of Jio, these plans are available with much more data availability and lower prices.

It must be noted that Airtel recently changed its post-paid tariffs and is offering 30 GB data and unlimited calls at Rs.649 and similarly 40 GB at 799 and 50 GB at 999 which are cheaper than this offer.


One major alternative to this offer is buying from E-commerce sites:

With the launch of iPhone 8, many online companies including Amazon and Flipkart lowered the prices of previous Apple models for increased sales.

IPhone 7 (32GB) is available for Rs 38,999 and the iPhone 7 plus (128GB) is available at Rs 59,999.

Choosing to go for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus from these e-commerce sites, and considering  Airtel’s standalone Rs 649 post-paid plan for a period of 24 months, One has to pay quiet lesser than the amount one has to pay with the Airtel online service offer.

Think twice before you go for the offer and look for alternatives and Stay updated with for the latest news.




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