Micromax Bharat One : Is it really something new?

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Earlier this year, Jio was once again in the news for revolutionizing the Mobile Phone Market. But this time it wasn’t due to Jio Sim but rather it was the Jio Phone and this Jio Phone was termed as “Bharat ka Smartphone” . 

Image Source : http://www.digit.in


Note: for those of our readers who don’t understand Hindi, it means India’s Smartphone.


Hey there, this is Pratham here from TechnoSeekers and today in this article let’s talk about Micromax’s Bharat One Feature Rich Phone. So without further a do, let’s get started.


So first off, you might love to have a bit of information about Jio Phone.

Now, What exactly was Jio Phone?

It was nothing but a old school but 4G Enabled feature rich Phone and It came with pretty much interesting features such as Facebook, Jio TV and Jio Music and Much more.


But, this article isn’t about Jio Phone but it’s about Jio Phone’s step brother, should I say!


It’s about Micromax Bharat One !!!


So, What is this exactly?


A:It is really nothing but Micromax’s attempt to make a clone of Jio Phone just like they did it with Nokia 3310 Redefined Edition.


Image Source : Digit.in

Now, What are it’s Specifications?

Answer :  The phone is said to be sporting a 2.4 Inch TFT Display with a resolution of 230×320 which is approximately 167ppi.

It is said to have a Snapdragon 205 processor which is a Dual-Core Processor clocked at 1.1Ghz coupled with 512MB of Ram.

It has a 2MP Rear Camera and 0.3 Megapixel of Front Camera and I should really appreciate Micromax here for not copying Jio by removing the Flash.

Sarcasm apart, this Phone doesn’t have a Flash!

Now coming to the Storage and the Battery, it comes with 4GB of Storage and it is expandable upto 32GB and It comes with 2000 mAh of Battery.


Well, the only good factor about this phone is that it supports 4G LTE Out of the box.


And now, let’s talk about the Pricing, it is priced at ₹2,200 and According to Me, this Phone is highly overpriced when compared to Jio Phone and it can also be considered an alternative to Airtel/Karbonn 4G Feature Phone.


And in my opinion, I would still prefer to get Jio Phone because it has way more features such as NFC and Media Streaming feature and also supports WiFI at just ₹1500.


So, this  was an article about Micromax’s so called Bharat Phone, Hope you like this. If you like it, make sure to share it with your friends and also don’t forget to leave a comment down below. This is Pratham here signing off, you guys have a great day bye-bye now.


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