Google Tez Refer and Earn Rs. 9000/- : Also Get a Chance to Earn Upto Rs.1 Lakh

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India has been widely digitalized after honourable prime minister Narendra Modi‘s intialization of ‘digital India‘ where numerous brands has been launched for the platform of online transaction,moreover for the UPI (Unified Payments Interface) from the NPCI ( National Payment Corporation of India).

Google Tez

We all has been wondering why Google hasn’t come into these shoes yet! and Voila ! Here they are. Google finally launched the fastest and most effiecient UPI Payment transfer applications. They revealed the app as  “Google Tez” where it lives upto the expectations of users in terms of interface, usability, accessiblity, efficiency and security.

Not just that, the application is now into prmotional stage where for now it is all offering a chance to earn money from it, surely with the standard refer & earn method.

What fascinating about the google tez is , you can trust on the Google ( Of course! ) when they say that you can earn INR 51 Rs minimum as just by referring and most importantly not to surprise with the offers where one can win upto 1 Lakh INR as prize. Also, you can earn Rs. 9000 which is quite tempting to try on.

I am explaining, that how you can install, refer and earn 9000 INR from it and also how you can go further to earn upto 1 lakh from it.  Check the video below or you can see more of it on my YouTube channel TechnoSeekers.

Google Tez Refer & Earn

You can earn from Google Tez Application, especially now when it is in promotional stage where Google Tez gone one step forward then other UPI Transaction applications or UPI Platforms as Google surely live up to its reputation of giving always more than expected. The app lets you invite and refer you friend on the application where both of you and your friend will win INR 51 on his first transaction.

Well, you simply ask you friend to pay you something even amount like 1 INR which you can just after return but at the moment you both get 51 INR. Easy Peasy, Hun?

Now, the fun part !!!   You can EARN 9000 INR from the Google Tez app and loot upto 1 Lakh –  Watch the video to LEARN HOW – complete process here !!!

You can earn around 9000 INR From it, the google application must not be put into doubt so it is a fair chance to earn not only 9000 Rs but to earn upto 1 Lakh.

Watch the video 🙂  How you can earn 9000 INR and win upto 1 Lakh



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