Reliance Jio 4G Feature phone delivery will be delayed due to High Demand, now the date will be 25th September

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Reliance Jio 4G feature phone won’t be piece of cake to get as the high demand pushes the delivery dates further.  As reported, the date will be now September 25 and that is in Delhi-NCR region of the country.
As by media sources, many digital reliance store representatives have come forward with the similar reason that Reliance hasn’t anticipated this much of high demand at once from the country,so such unpredicatble boon in demand of the Jio Feature 4G Phone delayed its arrival in market. Earlier before, it was expected to hit the market as well as pockets of jio users in first week of September and now its jumped to nearly end of the month.

Reliance JIO 4G Feature phone will be in NCR-DELHI Region by 25 September

Here is the full story in very brief you need to know about latency of delivery of Jio phones. You can also visit here to look for more updates on JIO feature 4G phones as well other JIO related news exclusively on the channel.

As Reliance planned out, the Jio Feature 4G phones could have been reached to the Reliance Digital Xpress stores by the very first week of September. And by this time, users would have been start getting notifications from JIO that they can either collect or get their JIO phones from their nearby reliance stores.

Now, Again with this hustle, the availiblity of JIO feature phone may be like ‘ early bird catches the worm’ ,however there is still hope that Reliance may get their system organised for the distribution of phones , at least intially for those who has already booked them.

Another aspect will be demographic region,that means, it also depend upon the city, Mumbai and Delhi like city obviously will be preferred before other mini cities. But nothing to worry, the Reliance is in no mood to delay the distribution of the 4G feature phones in other cities.

The JIO 4G Feature phone, however, advertise or coined as ‘ free’ but it surely required the intiall booking advance money of 500 INR earlier and then 1000 INR at the time of delivery. But, technically , the featuer phone is free as Reliance JIO promises for the 1500 INR refund after the use of minimum 3 years.



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