Zoook Rocker M2 (Mean Machine) 5-in-1 Hi-Fi Bluetooth Speakers : Review

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Zoook Rocker M2 Mean Machine is surely one of the ‘best-to-buy speakers among the leading products. Zoook has been a well-known brand for such highly-featured speakers and other products in the least price range. Zoook is though, a French company who artistically and creatively design technology for such tech-lovers.  Zook Rocker M2 5-in-one Bluetooth speakers are bet to be the worthy buy. Let’s find out how it is so.


Unboxing Zoook ZB-Rocker M2 Mean Machine has a muscular tough look, scratch less body and stout look which at first make you believe that this can give the sound you are looking for. Zook going on with more of like mixed reviews but all sign up for one inclination that it is totally a considerable option if you are craving for super bass multi-purpose portable speakers.

Brand : Zoook

Model : Rocker M2 – Mean Machine

As the features go on, you can count these in as plus features for the Zook ZB- Rocker Mean Machine :

  • 5-IN-1 Bluetooth Speakers as the speaker provides Bluetooth connectivity, micro-SD/SD card slot capability, Radio FM feature and finally the Aux connectivity option
  • Play, Pause, Next & Backplay –  Very essential feature in terms of a non-screen music players or speakers. It increases its accessibility.
  • Mode Button to switch in-between various modes to use a particular function or feature like Bluetooth mode, FM Radio mode etc.
  •  Volume Buton – Slider/roller volume button to easy adjustments of volume

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You can watch a full video review of the product Zook ZB-Rocket 5-in-one Bluetooth speakers/ Mean Machine on my Youtube Channel as well as in here too.

Watch full video review – Unboxing, Sound Quality, and Features Explained

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